Medical Artifical General IntelligenCe Lab.

Medical Artifical General IntelligenCe Lab

The Medical Artifical General IntelligenCe Lab (MAGIC Lab) at BTBU is led by Longfei Han, Associate Professor at School of Computer Science, BTBU.


Our group's research develops Deep learning algorithms to enable new capabilities in medical AI and healthcare. We have a primary focus on computer vision tasks, such as large-scale multimodal pretrainer, image recognition, and image segmentation, and developing AI algorithms to perform automated understanding bioinformatics.

News & Updates

We have openings on a rolling basis for a limited number of self-motivated MS or advanced undergraduate students. If you are interested in our group, please send an email to including your interests,CV. We will get back to you in time, welcome to join us!

  1. 12/2023 - 1 paper accepted at Neural Networks
  2. 12/2023 - 1 paper accepted at AAAI 2023
  3. 11/2023 - 3 paper accepted at ACAIT 2023
  4. 10/2023 - 1 paper published at PRCV 2023
  5. 07/2023 - 1 paper published at ACM MM 2023
  6. 05/2023 - 1 paper published at Viusal Intelligence
  7. 03/2023 - 1 paper published at CVPR 2023

Selected Publications

Teaser Title
Haina Qin, Longfei Han, Jun Wang, Bing Li, et al. Learning to Exploit the Sequence-Specific Prior Knowledge for Image Processing Pipelines Optimization. CVPR, 2023.
Chenchu Xu; Yifei Wang; Dong Zhang; Longfei Han(*) et, al. BMAnet: Boundary Mining With Adversarial Learning for Semi-Supervised 2D Myocardial Infarction Segmentation, IEEE J-BHI, 2023, 27(1): 87- 96.
Haina qin, Longfei Han, Jun Wang, Bing Li. Attention-aware Learning for Hyperparameter Prediction in Image Processing Pipelines. ECCV, 2022.
Longfei Han, Dingwen Zhang, Dong Huang, Xiaojun Chang, Junwei Han. Self-paced Mixture of Regression. IJCAI, 2017.
Dong Huang*, Longfei Han*, Fernando De la Torre. Soft-margin Mixture of Regression. CVPR, 2017.
Longfei Han, Senlin Luo and Huaiqing Wang. An Intelligible Risk Stratification Model based on Pairwise and Size Constrained Kmeans. IEEE JBHI, 2016.
Longfei Han, Senlin Luo and Jianmin Yu. Rule Extraction From Support Vector Machines Using Ensemble Learning Approach. IEEE JBHI, 2015.